I was absolutely blown away by the breakthroughs I experienced in all areas of my life by working with Julie and the Dreambuilding program. I am building a life I love and am so grateful to Julie for walking alongside me as a coach, mentor & friend.


Early 20s

Choosing to work with Julie is one of the best decisions I have ever made.  She is an amazing human being and a very knowledgeable coach.  Our time together has truly transformed my life.  I am definitely moving towards my dream!


Mid 30s

Julie has changed my life for the better and given me hope when those around me have lost hope in me. I’ve done years of various therapies but Julie’s work is different than any other program I’ve been in. She’s supported me as if she were family and is there for me 24/7. She’s willing to work with my schedule as for she supports me living my best life outside of our programs. She’s flexible with her schedule and is willing to adjust our sessions based on what I need at that moment. I’m eternally grateful for the support she has given me and am excited to see her change the lives of many others.


Early 20s

In an era when life coaches are proliferating, Julie Hudetz Dale stands out due to her integrity, generosity and tenacity. Julie’s favorite question is “What would you love?” and she doesn’t stop supporting you until you get there! Nothing discourages Julie, no topic is too taboo or off-putting – Julie doesn’t shy away from tough topics but instead helps you develop creative, though-provoking solutions to every type of life dilemma from health to wealth to relationships. With Julie on your team, inspirational ideas flow and you can’t quit pursuing your dreams!


Late 40s

Julie is a fantastic coach! Her bright and cheerful personality and her loving heart have really helped me create a clearer vision for living my dream life. Her program helps step into living that dream more and more each week.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with her to help me change my mind set to achieve more happiness in my life. Julie keeps me motivated and focused in the direction of my dreams!


Mid 50s

I highly recommend Julie and the Dream Building program to anyone who wishes to achieve a higher level of success. Julie helped me to achieve several long-term goals within a short period of time, pushing through limiting beliefs and paradigms to achieve a higher level of being, which has led to more self-fulfillment and happiness. Julie’s encouragement and support was incredible and exactly what I needed to help me create what I wanted in my life.


Early 60s